Austin Software Firm Vyopta Adds Another $1M to Previous $5M Round

Austin—Vyopta, which provides a video conferencing system dashboard for businesses, said Wednesday it has added $1 million to a $5 million funding round it announced in February.

AVX Partners, the company’s investor in the previous round, is putting up the additional $1 million. Allison Smith, a spokeswoman for the company, said Vyopta decided to take the additional funding last month after receiving interest from other investors following the February announcement.

“Ultimately, we accepted the additional $1 million from the same partners (AVX) and under the exact same terms (valuation, etc.) as the additional $5 million so officially it will be listed as a part of the same round,” she wrote in an e-mail.

Vyopta’s customers include Stanford Health Care, Chevron, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. In an interview last Februrary, Vyopta vice president for marketing and business development Ivan Montoya said the company’s software helps such customers better manage the many Internet-enabled conference calls their employees participate in each year.

He likened the company’s vAnalytics software to “Google Analytics” for video conferencing and calling systems. “Someone in the IT organization, they log into the system … and they can see what’s up, what’s down, and fix it faster,” he told me.

The company says its has more than 70 large enterprise customers with a combined total of 3 million employees who use the service.

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