Finding Gratification in the Lessons Learned Along the Journey


During the downturn in 2000, when the dot com became dot bomb, I had to take a job that was a few levels below my expectations, but right in line with my actual life experiences. My boss and mentor at the time told me about his experiences in war and asked me to watch “Band of Brothers.” His point was that to survive, one must always be moving. If you stay in the foxhole, you will die.

While the analogy is hyperbolic, it taught me that I must run ever harder. And it was then, that I changed my attitude and perspective about my career. Life is about the journey to master my art, and it was not about the destination. I run harder now than ever and have never been more satisfied.

[Editor’s note: To tap the wisdom of our distinguished group of Xconomists, we asked a few of them to answer this question heading into 2016: “What is a key relationship or turning point that helped you get to where you are today?” You can see more questions and answers here.]

Coburn is an entrepreneur and start-up advocate that has founded three successful companies before starting SURGE. A Houstonian by birth, Coburn spent his business and entrepreneurial career in Austin and the East Coast before relocating back to Houston to launch and lead Houston's first and the world's only mentor-driven seed accelerator focused on Energy Software. Follow @kirkcoburn

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