Houston 2035 Preview: 3-D Printing Could Lower New Housing Costs

Xconomy Texas — 

Urban revitalization is a priority for many American cities, and Houston is home to significant efforts to develop urban living as never before.

Residents have returned to downtown, and some in-town neighborhoods are creating an urban lifestyle that for the first time is not necessarily built around the car. But other areas—former industrial quarters or poorer neighborhoods—have yet to attract investment.

Help is on the way in the form of 3D-printing. Such technology could reduce costs of building housing, while also speeding up the time of construction. Giving Houston’s urban planners that tool is an idea we’ll discuss with Jorge Barrero at design firm Gensler at the Houston 2035 conference on May 21.

Get your tickets here. This daylong event will bring together innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors, both in the state and across the country, to discuss what Houston will look like—economically, socially, and physically—decades into the future. How will innovators in energy, healthcare, education, and other sectors, tackle Houston’s challenges while capitalizing on its promises?

We have a fantastic lineup that spans all these sectors and more. Check out the full agenda here.

We look forward to seeing you there!