Houston 2035: A Glimpse of the Innovative American City of the Future

Xconomy Texas — 

The innovative American city of the future will likely look a lot like Houston. Surprised? Consider that the nation’s current 4th largest city is a majority-minority city that leads in cutting-edge technology sectors such as energy, life sciences, and health IT.

What will this city, and this region, look like 20 years from now? How will Houston use its existing strengths to drive innovation in the decades to come?

Those are among the big questions we’re tackling at Xconomy’s biggest Texas event yet: Houston 2035, an all-day conference featuring some of the state’s top thinkers, innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs—along with some visionary leaders from outside the region. It all goes down Thursday, May 21, at the Texas Medical Center’s TMCx accelerator in Houston.

We’re still developing the agenda, but, so far, this unique event will spotlight major, high-growth areas key to ensuring Houston’s future. These include not just healthcare, life sciences, and energy but also education, infrastructure, design, and architecture. Additional sessions will look at a range of other fields, such as software, mobile, big data, nanotechnology, and aerospace.

To get a flavor of the program and the speakers we’re bringing together, visit the Houston 2035 homepage. Make sure to get your tickets right away to save as much as possible—our Super Saver of $175 runs through March 25. The Startup Special is $95.

We look forward to seeing you there!