Austin’s Pivot3 Taps Board Chairman, Tech Vet, As New CEO

Ron Nash, the newly appointed CEO for Austin’s Pivot3, brings with him a particularly intimate familiarity with the data storage company’s operations: He has been its chairman of the board.

“We’re making the transition between startup and being a small company,” he says. “This is a time when the company should have a breakout period.”

Founded in 2003, Pivot3 sells hardware and software in the video surveillance and desktop virtualization markets and claims more than 600 customers in industries such as casinos, correctional departments, and aviation authorities. The company recently raised $14 million in venture capital, bringing its total funding to just over $100 million (see below for more on the round). Nash says the new funding will be used to make hires and support potential new business partnerships.

Most of Pivot3’s revenues are made in the video surveillance market but it is now growing its production and sales in the virtual desktop arena, something that requires a shift in management and operations. “We’re going from a single-product company, a single-market company, to a dual product, dual market company,” Nash says. “In virtual surveillance, it’s more direct sales. Virtual desktop needs a two or three-level channel sales model.”

Some different capabilities are needed to excel in both, he added.

Nash, a tech veteran who had leadership positions at EDS and Perot Systems in Dallas, says he believes … Next Page »

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