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Entry Author Date Location
Diffbot’s A.I. Engine Draws Global Map of Machine Learning Expertise 12/05/18 San Francisco
Findera Tries a Pivot Amid a Whirlwind Over Data Privacy Rules 09/28/18 San Francisco
Rivaling Google, Web-Mining Diffbot Opens Its Knowledge Graph to All 08/30/18 San Francisco
ThoughtSpot Raises $50M for Business Data Search Engine 05/19/16 San Francisco
White House Wants to Spend $121M on National Microbiome Initiative 05/13/16 National
Brainspace Aims to Harness “Collective Intelligence” of Businesses 03/04/16 Texas
Vast, an Algorithm-Based Search Engine for Used Cars, Grabs $14M 02/09/16 Texas
As Google Restructures to Alphabet, Innovation Remains in Focus 08/11/15 San Francisco
Diffbot Turns Online Comments Into Market Intelligence Databases 03/31/15 San Francisco
Lessons From Serial Entrepreneur Brian Wiegand, A WI Exit Master 06/20/14 Wisconsin
What Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer Did and Did Not Say in Her CES Keynote 01/10/14 New York
Goby Grabs $2.5M More 10/20/10 Boston
IBM Buys Unica, A123 Spinout Raises $10M, Zynga Acquires Conduit, & More Boston-Area Deals News 08/18/10 Boston
Cray Inks $25M DofD Grant, G5 Nabs $15M, Google Acquires Jambool, & More Seattle Area Deals New 08/17/10 Seattle
Lycos Bought for $36M 08/16/10 Boston
G5 Nabs $15M from Volition Capital 08/10/10 Seattle
DirectoryM Changes Name to nSphere, Highlights Data-Aggregating Focus 07/20/10 Boston
Location, Inc. Releases New Kind of Real Estate Reports, With Aims to Be the Carfax of Neighborhoods 07/15/10 Boston
Google Pays $700M for ITA, Eli Lilly Buys Alnara, Skyhook Lands Samsung Partnership, & More Boston-Area Deals News 07/07/10 Boston
Tim Berners-Lee and Group of Boston Web Gurus Leading New MIT Class to Get Linked Data to Market 06/16/10 Boston
2010’s Innovative Dozen: The XSITE Xpo Showcase Companies 06/14/10 Boston
Scanning the World for Reliable Suppliers, Panjiva Seeks to Bring Order to a Messy Process 05/24/10 Boston
Bing Partners with Twitter, Facebook to Bring Real-Time Updates to Search Capabilities 10/21/09 Seattle
Bing Is Fastest Growing Search Engine 09/17/09 Seattle
Microsoft Rolls Out Visual Search 09/14/09 Seattle
Microsoft’s Summer of Love: A Roundup of the Company’s Hottest Deals and Other News 08/31/09 Seattle
Reports: Microsoft and Yahoo Close Search and Advertising Deal, Will Announce Today 07/29/09 Seattle
Microsoft and Yahoo Finally Making a Deal? 07/17/09 Seattle
Microsoft’s Bing Gets Social, Includes Tweets in Search Results 07/06/09 Seattle
Amazon’s A9 Buys SnapTell 06/17/09 Seattle
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