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Roche Cuts to Hit Hundreds of Genentech Workers; Scientific Staff is Spared 11/17/10 San Francisco
Biogen Announces Restructuring, FDA Approves Sunovion Drug, Acceleron Cuts Workforce, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 11/05/10 Boston
Biogen Idec Axes 650 Jobs, Closes San Diego Site, Bets Future on Neurology 11/03/10 Boston
Alkermes Drops on FDA Rejection, Glaxo’s SR One Backs Dicerna, Biogen Reworks Genentech Alliance, & More Boston-Are Life Sciences News 10/22/10 Boston
Biogen, Genentech Revamp Alliance 10/21/10 San Francisco
Calistoga Starts Mid-Stage Trial 10/19/10 Seattle
Seattle Genetics, Millennium Generate “Dream” Data With Empowered Antibody Drug for Cancer 09/27/10 Seattle
KaloBios, Seeking to Apply Antibodies Beyond Cancer, Sets Sight on Killing Deadly Lung Invader 08/17/10 San Francisco
Novartis Test Drives Biotech Startup Adimab’s Drug Discovery Engine 07/09/10 Boston
Genentech’s Souped-Up Herceptin: The Odyssey Toward a More Powerful Breast Cancer Drug 06/14/10 San Francisco
Calistoga Pharmaceuticals Builds Stronger Case for Blood Cancer Drug 06/07/10 Seattle
Trubion Wins Genentech, Biogen Patent Case 06/03/10 Seattle
Seattle Genetics, Growing Up in a Hurry With Millennium, Aims to Make Most of Cancer Drug 05/26/10 Seattle
Dendreon Makes History: FDA Approves First Active Immune-Booster to Fight Cancer 04/29/10 Seattle
Dendreon Hires Roche Sales Boss 04/08/10 Seattle
FDA Cancer Drug Boss Slams Cell Therapeutics Application For Lymphoma Drug 03/22/10 Seattle
Roche, Biogen Halt Arthritis Study 03/08/10 Boston
Lycera, a Midwestern Biotech Star, Moves Head Office to Boston, Hires Biogen Vet as CEO 01/07/10 Boston
Adimab Proves Fast Antibody Discovery Tool to Merck, Roche; Snags New Deal With Pfizer 12/17/09 Boston
Roche Scraps Partnership With Seattle Genetics on Lymphoma Drug 12/11/09 Seattle
Dendreon Grasps for $400M, ZymoGenetics Cuts 52 Jobs, Calistoga Advances at ASH, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 12/10/09 Seattle
Biogen Idec’s Dream: Antibodies That Kill Two Birds With One Stone 12/09/09 Boston
Seattle Genetics, Genentech Lymphoma Drug Passes Early Test with “Naked” Antibody 12/07/09 Seattle
Tysabri, the MS Drug Haunted by Deadly Side Effect, Doesn’t Look So Deadly Anymore 11/19/09 Boston
Calistoga Cancer Drug Shows “Encouraging” Preliminary Results in Small Study 10/19/09 Seattle
Seattle Genetics Shares Drop on Halted Lymphoma Trial 10/05/09 Seattle
Seattle Genetics, Bucking the Trend, Recruits Hodgkin’s Patients at Warp Speed 08/12/09 Seattle
Biogen Idec, Trying to Go Beyond Rituxan, Assembles Cancer Drug Pipeline 07/16/09 Boston
Agios Lands Genentech Cancer Drug Leader as New CEO 05/27/09 Boston
How to Raise $50M in a Recession: Highlights from the Xconomy Life Sciences Forum 05/01/09 Boston
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