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Entry Author Date Location
Pinterest Lands $367,099,927 New Financing Round 03/16/15 San Francisco
The Hive Raises $22M for Second Startup Fund 03/12/15 San Francisco
Crowdstar CEO: From War Game Thrasher To Fashion Game Maker 03/06/15 San Francisco
Fears Percolate as Billion-Dollar Private Company Valuations Climb 02/19/15 National
Mega Deals (Like Uber) Boost Venture Funding to $13B 07/17/14 National
Craft Kit Maker Darby Smart Takes on Supply Goliath Michaels 07/14/14 San Francisco
Flashpoint Makes Return Visit to New York for a Demo Day 06/13/14 New York
Five Lessons for Consumer Tech Startups in Springpad Shutdown 05/28/14 Boston
Pinterest Receives $200,000,000 New Financing 05/16/14 San Francisco
In “Marketization” of Consumer Apps, Springpad Aims for Mainstream 03/13/14 Boston
HeartThis: A Pinterest-Style App Focused on Fashion and Shopping 03/04/14 San Francisco
Houzz—the Alluring App for Home Remodelers and Wannabes 12/13/13 National
Building the “Passion Graph” With Pavo 12/03/13 Detroit Ann Arbor
Pinterest Garners $225,000,000 New Round 10/24/13 San Francisco
Four Startup Challenges that Technology Can Help Solve 08/02/13 San Francisco
Do You Have A Story to Tell? Here Are the Digital Tools You’ll Need 05/24/13 National
The Daily Grommet Leads Wave of “Anti-Amazon” E-Commerce in Boston 05/16/13 Boston
Analytics Woven Into Fashion Among the Ideas at ERA Demo Day 04/29/13 New York
Pinterest Receives $200,000,000 Series D Financing Round 02/20/13 San Francisco
Marketing Tech Developer Unified Acquires Y Combinator-Alum PageLever 01/29/13 New York
At Copious, The Love Button Drives Social Commerce 01/03/13 San Francisco
Is DealDown Winding Down after Brief Foray in Deals Badlands? 11/27/12 New York
Shareaholic Report: StumbleUpon Still Sliding, Pinterest No. 4 11/06/12 Boston
Travora Wants First Class Seat to Consolidation in Online Travel 10/30/12 New York
Jules Pieri on Curation, Trust, and Daily Grommet’s Deal with Rakuten 09/18/12 Boston
EBay Acquires Pinterest-style Curation Platform Svpply 09/07/12 New York
Hukkster Brings Its Bookmarklets for Finding Discounts to E-commerce 08/28/12 New York
Bride Meets Blog: Abby Larson on Style Me Pretty’s Explosive Growth 08/21/12 Boston
Dreamit Ventures Unveils Summer Batch of Startups in New York 08/08/12 New York
Offerpop Gives Marketers Tools to Leverage Facebook and Twitter 08/06/12 New York
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