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Cogito Dials Up $5.5M for Software to Coach Customer Service Reps 11/17/15 Boston
Announcing Xconomy University’s First Class: The Mobile Roadmap, May 6 04/07/14 Boston
The iPhone 5S and 5C: Everything Is Amazing and Nobody Is Happy 09/13/13 National
Are Free Motorola Phones in Our Future? A VC’s Take on Why Google is Buying Motorola 08/17/11 San Francisco
San Diego’s MIR3 Expands Mass Notification Technology to Social Media Networks 05/10/11 San Diego
Skyhook to Power Mapquest’s Android App 05/03/11 San Francisco
Clearwire, Sprint Settle Wholesale Pricing Dispute with $1B Deal 04/19/11 National
Yes, Now That Stranger Across the Bar Can Text You. No, It’s Not As Scary As It Sounds, Says Mobile App Developer PoKos 03/30/11 Boston
How a MacGyver of the Semiconductor Industry Plans to Rescue Nanosys 07/21/10 San Francisco
Microsoft’s Kin Phones Resurrect the Lifelogging Debate 05/07/10 National
Swype, Following T9 Model, Releases Text Input Software on Samsung Phone 12/02/09 Seattle
Should You Sign Up for Google Voice? Xconomy Readers Share Their Beta Experiences 06/22/09 National
Zumobi Makes Apps for Palm Pre 06/08/09 Seattle
Google Voice: It’s the End of the Phone As We Know It 03/20/09 National
Everypoint Introduces Slick Mobile Apps for the Non-iPhone Crowd 12/15/08 Boston
Boston Loses Mobile Internet World Conference to San Francisco 12/04/08 Boston
Bsquare Founder Bill Baxter Comments on TestQuest Acquisition—Sees Marginal Benefit 11/20/08 Seattle
$7 Million for Rave 11/19/08 Boston
Mobui, VH1 Do Mobile Chat on AT&T 11/18/08 Seattle
In Nuance’s Snapping Up of SnapIn Software, Investors Get a Better Deal—Some Further Analysis 08/22/08 Seattle
Cequint Gets Expanded Venture Financing of $7.1 Million 07/30/08 Seattle
MobileSphere Exec Says Slydial “Combats Technology with Technology” 07/22/08 Boston
Vlingo’s Latest App Gives Blackberrying Thumbs a Rest 06/25/08 Boston
Red Bend Downloads $10 Million Update 04/22/08 Boston
Two Local Startups Launch Mobile Photo-sharing Networks for the Masses 04/09/08 Boston
To Get Windows Mobile into Enterprises, Microsoft Turns to Boston Software Veteran 02/21/08 Boston
MocoSpace Passes 2 Million Users, Collects $4 Million 01/29/08 Boston
Making the Web Mobile-Friendly 11/13/07 Boston
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