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Microsoft Buys Opalis and Sentillion, Swype and Widevine Raise Cash, Dendreon Rakes In $409M, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 12/15/09 Seattle
Homeland Security Backs Cell Phone Sensors to “Crowdsource” Detection of Deadly Chemicals 11/02/09 San Diego
Glympse and TravellingWave Step Out, Microsoft Does Voice Search, and More Mobile News 10/07/09 Seattle
Cricket Refinances Debt and Raises Cash, KESDEE Moves to mLearning from eLearning, Good Technology Buys Intercasting, & More San Diego BizTech News 06/01/09 San Diego
Qualcomm May Slow Verizon’s LTE Rollout 04/06/09 San Diego
Kyocera Consolidates Sanyo Wireless in San Diego 04/01/09 San Diego
Case Dismissed: Broadcom’s Legal Bid to Defang Qualcomm Patents 03/16/09 San Diego
The First Lady of Wireless Built Mobile Startup to Send Message of Simplicity 03/13/09 San Diego
Nokia Mapping a Future for Location-Based Mobile Services and Applications 03/10/09 San Diego
Israel’s Modu Gets Venture Funding From Qualcomm 01/26/09 San Diego
Qualcomm Adopts Skyhook Technology 11/17/08 Boston
UIEvolution Raises $5M 09/15/08 Seattle
Ontela Signs Up Wireless Carriers and Websites, Wants To Send Your Camera-Phone Pictures with Nary a Click 09/10/08 Seattle
MocoSpace Passes 2 Million Users, Collects $4 Million 01/29/08 Boston
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