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From Dance Clubs to Syn Bio: MIT’s Collins on Startups, Second Chances 10/05/15 Boston
Renewable Energy Group Acquires LS9 for $61,500,000 01/23/14 San Francisco
Matrix Genetics Emerges from Algae Biofuel Wilderness With a Partner 05/16/13 Seattle
LS9 Scales Up in Chemical Business As Biofuels Industry Re-Tools 10/04/12 San Francisco
LS9, HCL Clean Tech Snag $9M Grant 07/18/11 San Francisco
LS9 Extends Chevron Deal 07/11/11 San Francisco
Solazyme Seeks $100M IPO to Build Up Renewable Biofuel Business 03/14/11 San Francisco
PhaseRx Angles for a Deal, Tom Clement’s New Device Gig(s), InDi’s Alzheimer’s Plan, & More in the Life Science Innovation Northwest Wrap-Up 03/04/11 Seattle
Flagship VentureLabs, Creating and Spinning Out Cleantech and Life Sciences Startups for 10 Years, Takes the Veil Off 02/17/11 Boston
Northern California’s Top 5 Biotech Innovation News Stories 12/28/10 San Francisco
LS9 Pockets $30M for Renewable Fuels, in Deal Led by BlackRock 12/20/10 San Francisco
LS9 Receives $30,000,000 New Financing Round 12/20/10 San Francisco
Google Chrome Shines, Salesforce Scoops Up Heroku, Wings Gets Clipped, & More Bay Area BizTech News 12/13/10 San Francisco
Onyx Takes a Swing at Myeloma, PacBio Hits Haitian Cholera Genome, Sequenta Nabs $13M, & More Bay Area Life Sciences News 12/10/10 San Francisco
LS9 Names Ed Dineen New CEO 12/08/10 San Francisco
Amyris Raises $85 Million in IPO 09/29/10 San Francisco
Joule Gets Biofuel Bacteria Patent 09/14/10 Boston
LS9 Reveals Key Biofuel Genes, Onyx Drug Passes Big Trial, Solazyme Seeks First-Mover Edge, & More Bay Area Life Sciences News 07/30/10 San Francisco
LS9 Shows Recipe For $50 Oil: Genes That Convert Sugar to Diesel in One Step 07/29/10 San Francisco
Genentech’s Souped-Up Antibody, Reg Kelly’s Mission, LS9 Nears Moment of Truth & More Bay Area Life Sciences News 06/25/10 San Francisco
LS9 Gets Presidential Award 06/21/10 San Francisco
LS9, Creator of Synthetic Microbes to Make Biofuel, Edges Toward Moment of Truth 06/15/10 San Francisco
David Berry of Flagship Ventures on Funding Advice, Investment Themes, Trends in Biofuels 05/12/10 Seattle
LS9 Obtains $25,000,000 Series C Financing 09/25/09 San Francisco
LS9 Lands $3,670,000 New Financing Round 06/30/09 San Francisco
Google, Microsoft May Help Usher in Personalized Medicine Wave, Says George Church 05/12/09 Boston
Group Led by Harvard’s George Church Will Bid for Genomics X Prize 12/04/07 Boston
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