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Bought By Utah Rival Tute, Former Genomics High Flyer Knome Bows Out 11/02/15 Boston
Alzheon Gets $10M to Take Castoff Alzheimer’s Drug Into Pivotal Test 04/08/15 Boston
Cypher Genomics’ Analytics Tech Gains Some Cred in Illumina Deal 07/24/14 San Diego
SolveBio Grabs $2M to Make Genomics Easier for Programmers 05/13/14 New York
Knome Receives $13,000,000 New Financing Round 01/21/14 Boston
Knome Lands $5,752,500 New Financing Round 10/31/13 Boston
DeCode Spinout, NextCode Health, Launches With $15M From Arch, Polaris 10/23/13 Boston
Alzheon Emerges From Stealth, Hunts for Alzheimer’s Castoffs 10/23/13 Boston
Spiral Genetics, Maker of Software for the Genome, Gets $3M from DFJ 03/12/13 Seattle
Ready or Not, Genomics is Coming to a Hospital Near You 06/11/12 National
Illumina Opens Apple-Inspired App Store for DNA Software Developers 04/25/12 National
The Boston Life Sciences Newsmakers: Civitas, Blend, Forma, & More 01/13/12 Boston
Knome Names New CEO, Cuts Deal With Johns Hopkins to Analyze 1,000 Genomes 01/09/12 Boston
RXi Splits Up, Zeo Launches Mobile Sleep-Tracking App, Karuna Licenses Schizophrenia Compounds, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 09/30/11 Boston
Knome Moves Beyond the Mega-Rich With Genome Analysis Service 09/29/11 Boston
Celgene Pumps Up Acceleron, On-Q-ity CEO Goes to Roche Unit, MSMB Eyes Amag, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 08/05/11 Boston
Stéphane Bancel, Former bioMérieux CEO, Talks Future of Startups, Diagnostics, Pharma 08/04/11 Boston
Carbonite Eyes $122M IPO, Plexxi Nabs $20M, Ambient Hits Nasdaq, & More Boston-Area Deals News 08/03/11 Boston
Knome Nabs $5M 08/02/11 Boston
Knome Receives $5,000,000 New Round 08/02/11 Boston
Brain Cells’ Antidepressant Disappoints in Clinical Study, Otonomy Hears the Sound of Money, Cognionics Wins Startup Competition, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 06/17/10 San Diego
Genetic Testing Companies in San Diego, Boston, & San Francisco Studying FDA Letters 06/14/10 San Diego
Warner Bros. Acquires Turbine, Athenahealth Taps IBM, Alkermes Reveals Diabetes Drug Royalty, & More Boston-Area Deals News 04/28/10 Boston
Genzyme Expects to Pay $175M to FDA, Westphal Leaves Sirtris to Run GSK Venture Arm, Gelesis Obesity Treatment Passes First Human Trial, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 04/23/10 Boston
Knome Gets $5M From bioMérieux 04/21/10 Boston
Knome Receives $5,000,000 New Funding 04/21/10 Boston
Vertex CEO on Building a Blockbuster, Genzyme Investor on Fixing Up the Firm, Cubist CEO on Pipeline and Patent Challenges, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 01/28/10 Boston
Knome Challenged to Keep in Step with Falling Genetic Sequencing Prices 01/20/10 Boston
Biogen Idec Rebuts Icahn Attack, GlaxoSmithKline Quietly Spins Off Tempero Pharmaceuticals, Knome Launches Cheaper Sequencing Service, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 05/20/09 Boston
Knome Offers Thriftier Gene Sequencing 05/18/09 Boston
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