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Flud Co-Founder Says News Platform Is Closing Down Aug. 8 08/01/13 Detroit Ann Arbor
Mobile Madness Motor City: Check Out the Agenda for our Jan. 17 Forum 01/03/13 Detroit Ann Arbor
Detroit in 2012: The Year Our Tech Scene Became Legit 12/27/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
Mobile Madness Motor City is Coming Soon—Join Us! 12/20/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
Mobile Madness Motor City: Linkner, Song, & More at Jan. 17 Forum 11/27/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
Social News Reader Flud Expands to Serve Businesses 09/24/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
Ludlow Ventures: A Family Venture “Without Ego” 04/09/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
San Diego Tech Roundup: Flud, Verve, and a “Swiss Cheese” Job Market 03/26/12 San Diego
Flud (Quietly) Relaunches Its Android App 03/22/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
Signs of Resurgence in SD as EvoNexus Opens Tech Incubator 02/17/12 San Diego
The 10 Social News Apps You Need to Try 01/20/12 National
Tech Roundup of the Week: Ford Focus EV, Flud, Legend3D, Sotera 12/19/11 San Diego
Updated Flud Platform Combines News Aggregation and Social Networking 12/15/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Magic Johnson Joins and Funds Detroit Venture Partners 07/21/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
FLUD Secures $1,000,000 New Financing 04/14/11 San Diego
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