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Entry Author Date Location
CesiumAstro, MAP Health, StoryFit, Hatch Pitch & More Texas Tech 03/15/19 Texas
Robots and Tax Breaks: How Plus One Robotics Started in San Antonio 11/26/18 Texas
After Triton Attack, CyberX Nabs $18M to Defend Industrial Networks 02/27/18 Boston
Fighting Harassment, Raising Funds, & More Boston Tech News 06/28/17 Boston
Socure Lands $13,000,000 New Funding 12/15/16 New York
Estify Lands $6,300,000 New Financing Round 09/27/16 San Diego
Minerva Tantoco, IBM, Microsoft, Foursquare & Others on Future of AI 09/26/16 New York
Israeli-Born CyberX Nabs $9M to Guard Industrial Internet of Things 08/03/16 Boston
CyberX Obtains $9,000,000 New Round 08/03/16 Boston
Cheers, Groans, & Tunes: Boston Tech’s Week of Mixed Emotions 06/10/16 Boston
Bloomz Receives $2,300,000 New Round 05/25/16 Seattle
Fluent Receives $1,650,000 Seed Financing Round 05/11/16 New York
Latest MA-NY Deals: GreatHorn, Tinkergarten, Greentown Labs, NYC ACRE 03/23/16 Boston
GreatHorn Garners $2,250,000 Seed Round 03/22/16 Boston
Gooten Garners $1,350,000 New Financing 02/18/16 New York
Grovo and Authorea Reap Latest Rounds of Funding in New York 01/26/16 New York
Boston Tech Watch: Keurig, Codeship, Twine, Ve Interactive, & More 12/08/15 Boston
Staffly Receives $1,250,000 Seed Funding 12/04/15 San Francisco
Top Flight Technologies Lands $1,750,000 Seed Funding 12/03/15 Boston
The Better Software Company Receives $1,350,000 New Financing 11/16/15 New York
Cielo24 Receives $5,000,000 Series A Funding Round 10/21/15 San Diego
CardFlight Receives $4,200,000 New Financing 10/08/15 New York
PebblePost Secures $3,000,000 New Round 10/08/15 New York
Collaboration Platform Authorea Helps Ebola Virus Researchers, Others 09/15/15 New York
Omaze Obtains $9,000,000 Series A Funding Round 07/16/15 San Diego
Qualia, formerly LocalResponse, Out to Prove Legitimacy of Its AdTech 02/09/15 New York
Colombia & New York Connect To Chat about the Future of Commerce 07/28/14 New York
Sexism and Misogyny in Tech: How Investors Can Help Drive Change 07/21/14 National
Flashpoint Makes Return Visit to New York for a Demo Day 06/13/14 New York
Tech Startups Bringing Information, Action to Disaster Recovery 03/31/14 New York
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