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In Search of Names, Tech Startups Look to Galaxies Far, Far Away 11/08/18 Boston
Lawyer Talks Industry Trends, Improving WI’s Startup Scene, & More 09/16/16 Wisconsin
No Stairway (Infringement) and the Importance of Shared Design Tools in Innovation 06/29/16 Seattle
Calm Down: Aereo’s Supreme Court Loss Isn’t Chaos for Cloud Tech 06/27/14 National
Supreme Court: High-Tech Aereo Is Really Just a Cable Knockoff 06/25/14 New York
Boundless Settles Copyright Lawsuit From Textbook Publishers 12/18/13 Boston
Aereo CEO: Broadcasters “Profiteering” with a Doomed Business Model 10/22/13 Boston
U-M Opens Law Clinic for Student Startups 02/19/13 Detroit Ann Arbor
Boundless Learning, $8M in Tow, Raises Ire of Textbook Publishers 04/05/12 Boston
Boston Vs. Silicon Valley: Lawsuits Filed Against Adobe, Google, PacBio (Who’s Next?) 09/21/10 Boston
AP Backs Out of I Can Has Cheezburger Deal Over Concerns of Journalistic Integrity 08/23/10 Seattle
DigitalScirocco Nabs $1.1M 06/23/10 Seattle
Amazon, Microsoft Join Against Google Books Deal 08/21/09 Seattle
Art Isn’t Free: The Tragedy of the Wikimedia Commons 07/17/09 National
MOD Systems to Sell Music, Movies Without DRM in Retail Stores 06/08/09 Seattle
Google CEO Suggests Micropayments, Subscriptions Might Take Off for Online News 04/07/09 San Diego
Discovery Sues Amazon over Kindle 03/18/09 Seattle
Shaking Off Defensive Image, Black Duck Aims to Accelerate Software Development with Open Source 03/17/09 Boston
How To Invent: Tips from Patrick Ennis of Intellectual Ventures (Part 2) 12/12/08 Seattle
In Google Book Search Settlement, Readers Lose 10/31/08 National
RealNetworks Could Be in Real Trouble Over DVD Lawsuit—Consumers Beware 10/06/08 Seattle
RealNetworks Vs. Hollywood: Let the DVD Lawsuits Begin 10/01/08 Seattle
Harvard’s Palfrey Joins Highland 02/22/08 Boston
All (User-Generated) Content Doesn’t Want to Be Free: A Q&A with Cambridge Startup RightsAgent About Its New Approach to Copyrighting 12/14/07 Boston
PeerApp, Pando Collaborate to make Peer-to-Peer Palatable to ISPs 12/12/07 Boston
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