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Thane Kreiner, the Biotech-Entrepreneur-Turned-Educator With 1 Billion People on His Mind 08/25/11 San Francisco
How a VC-Style Investment System Can Support a More Just and Humane World 07/20/11 National
Geospiza Sells to PerkinElmer, PATH Vaccine Nabs $100M, Halosource Gets China Approval, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 05/12/11 Seattle
Omeros Flunks Pivotal Trials, Dendreon’s Shareholder Hubbub, AVI Biopharma Nabs $30M, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 04/07/11 Seattle
Halosource Unveils New Water Products 04/06/11 Seattle
Hydrovolts, Halopure and WaterTectonics See Big Opportunities in Water 02/22/11 Seattle
Seattle Genetics Nails 2nd Trial, Bristol Clinches Zymo Buyout, Halosource Goes Public, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 10/14/10 Seattle
Halosource, Maker of Clean Water Technology, Raises $80M in London IPO 10/12/10 Seattle
The Future of Humankind Depends on Quality Science Education 09/20/10 National
UV Sciences Tries to Tap Into Water Purification Industry With Smaller and Less Costly Technology 04/29/10 San Diego
UW’s O’Donnell Leads National Summit to “Sexify” Engineering, Inspire Students, Entrepreneurs, VCs 04/26/10 Seattle
Halosource Nails Down $10M for Global Expansion of Water Purifying Technology 01/06/10 Seattle
Clean Water Boom: Halosource Spreads Purifying Technology Across India, China 03/25/09 Seattle
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