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Effector Therapeutics Raises $45M to Prove New Concept in Cancer 05/21/13 San Diego
Who Are Biotech’s New Go-To Investment Bankers? 11/12/12 National
The Top 10 Traffic-Getting Stories at Xconomy San Diego 12/28/11 San Diego
The Hepatitis C Market: Biotech’s Version of the Daytona 500 12/12/11 National
Roche Acquires Anadys, Wests Create $100M Fund, Johnson & Johnson Makes Room for 20 Startups, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 10/20/11 San Diego
Anadys Pharmaceuticals Surprises the Street, Gets Acquired by Roche for $230M 10/17/11 San Diego
Dramatic Changes in Hepatitis C Treatment Expected to Continue 09/06/11 San Diego
Anadys Raises $25M 10/15/10 San Diego
Reports: Biogen Picks Exelixis Chief George Scangos as New CEO 06/30/10 Boston
Vertex Gets Strong Results From Hepatitis C Trial, Anadys Explores Alternatives, Funding Helps to Revive La Jolla Pharmaceutical, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 05/27/10 San Diego
Anadys Raises $12.5M, Hires Banker 05/26/10 San Diego
Anadys Shares Climb on Updated Look at Hepatitis C Drug Trial 04/15/10 San Diego
Regulus, the MicroRNA Child of Isis and Alnylam, Strikes Potential $150M Deal with Glaxo 02/25/10 San Diego
Anadys Hep C Drug Shows Promise, Synthetic Genomics Recruits Illumina Exec, ProActa Gets Funds, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 02/25/10 San Diego
Anadys Hepatitis C Drug Increases Punch Over Time (But So Does Placebo) 02/24/10 San Diego
Anadys Hepatitis C Drug Shows Early Sign of Viral-Killing Punch, Without Dreaded Rash 12/17/09 San Diego
Combination Drugs Are The Future for Hepatitis C 11/03/09 San Diego
The San Diego Biotech Survival Index: Local Firms Make Strong Rebound In First Half of 2009 09/23/09 San Diego
Arena Prepares to Release Big Obesity Study, Minnow Medical Goes Into ‘Commercialization Mode,’ Metabasis Hires Strategic Adviser, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 09/10/09 San Diego
Anadys Starts Hep C Trial 09/09/09 San Diego
Anadys Moves Hepatitis C Drug Ahead on its Own, Intellikine Casts a Broad Net, Sequel Pharma Raising $8.4M, & Other San Diego Life Sciences News 08/20/09 San Diego
Anadys, Biotech’s Roller Coaster Story, Gears Up for Next Big Step with Hepatitis C Drug 08/19/09 San Diego
Anadys Cleared to Start HepC Trial 07/30/09 San Diego
Anadys Cuts Jobs, Obesity Drug Developers Show Intriguing Results, Trius Antibiotic Passes Key Test, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 06/11/09 San Diego
Anadys Pharma Cuts 40% of Workforce and Raises $17.5M to Stay Afloat 06/04/09 San Diego
No Resolution in Amylin’s Talks With Dissident Investors Carl Icahn and Eastbourne Capital, Anadys Sees Promise in Treatment for Hepatitis C, Chumby Makes Moves into Europe, & Other San Diego BizTech News 04/27/09 San Diego
Investors Dump Anadys Shares on Report of Itchy Side Effect 04/23/09 San Diego
Anadys Hepatitis C Drug Shows Potent Effect in Small Study 04/23/09 San Diego
Charting Startups in the Downturn, San Diego’s Biotech Survival Index (Part Deux), Court Dismisses Federal Patent Suit Against Qualcomm, & More SD BizTech News 03/23/09 San Diego
The San Diego Biotech Survival Index 2: Clinging to Cash in the Downturn 03/20/09 San Diego
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