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Our Top 20 Stories of the Third Quarter: What’s Making Waves in the NW’s Tech and Biotech Sectors 09/30/10 Seattle
Lee Hood & Team Moving to South Lake Union, Mirina Vs. Marina, Trubion Gets Acquired, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 08/19/10 Seattle
Allozyne Inks Sigma-Aldrich Deal 08/12/10 Seattle
Biotech on a Shoestring: How Companies Are Pinching Pennies in the “New Reality” 07/21/10 Seattle
Allozyne Breaks Silence, Accelerator’s Mini-Golf Hijinks, Maveron’s Vision for Primary Care, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 07/15/10 Seattle
Allozyne Licenses Scripps Chemistry 07/14/10 Seattle
Allozyne, After a Stealthy Year on a Slim Budget, Re-Emerges with MS Drug and Fat Pipeline 07/14/10 Seattle
Dendreon Makes History, Microsoft Tries Open-Source Biology, an OVP IPO Is Brewing, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 05/06/10 Seattle
An OVP IPO is Brewing, Allozyne Doing Fine, VLST Finds Second Partner, & More Tidbits from the OVP Tech Summit 05/04/10 Seattle
Accelerator’s MicroRNA Play, Mirina, Forges Ahead With One More Year of Cash 04/26/10 Seattle
Accelerator Slowed Down in 2009, Expects to Rev Back Up in 2010 01/27/10 Seattle
From Academics to Biotech: A Journey to the Supposed “Dark Side” 09/28/09 Seattle
Lee Hood’s New Idea, Integrative Diagnostics for Early Cancer Detection, Raises $7.5M 09/21/09 Seattle
Biogen Idec, Extending Life of its Top-Selling Drug, Eyes Longer-Lasting Shot for MS 03/27/09 Boston
Five More Life Sciences Companies To Watch: Invest Northwest Notebook, Part 2 03/20/09 Seattle
Invest Northwest Notebook: Five of Seattle’s Next-Generation Life Sciences Innovators Seek to Adapt 03/19/09 Seattle
Merck’s Creationist-Turned-Genomicist, Pfizer’s VC Leader Scouts the Northwest, Zymo Nabs $20M, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 03/19/09 Seattle
How to Stimulate Biotech? Gillis, Chhabra, Williams Sound Off 03/18/09 Seattle
What’s a Biotech Banker To Do in a Downturn? How About M&A 03/16/09 Seattle
UW’s Gardasil Windfall, Cell Therapeutics Unloads Zevalin, Trubion Cuts Jobs, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 02/26/09 Seattle
Ambrx Nails Down Partnership with Merck KGaA to Develop Multiple Sclerosis Drug 02/24/09 San Diego
Ambrx Aims to Create New Breed of Custom-Built Biotech Drugs 12/08/08 San Diego
Accelerator Startup, GPC-Rx, Uses Computers to Make Drugs Without Side Effects 11/21/08 Seattle
Accelerator Scores New Investment From PPD, Adds Clinical Trial Expertise 11/14/08 Seattle
Allozyne Advances Toward Clinic, Sonosite Boots CFO, Leroy Hood’s Common Thread With Tupac, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 10/17/08 Seattle
Allozyne, Developer of Multiple Sclerosis Drug in Fewer Shots, Poised to Enter Clinical Trials 10/16/08 Seattle
An Accelerator, By Any Other Name…Does Not Smell as Sweet 08/11/08 Seattle
Stratus Launches Software for Sky-High Reliability 06/11/08 Boston
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