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Entry Author Date Location
FDA Approves Elanco Cattle Drug, the First for Reducing Gas Emissions 11/07/18 Indiana
Algal Scientific’s Breakthrough Animal-Health Discoveries Draw Investor Interest 05/05/14 Detroit Ann Arbor
Algae Biomass Advocates Push Past Exuberance, Aim for Sustainability 02/11/14 Texas
Triton Algae Raises $5M to Bring First Product to Market Next Year 09/04/13 San Diego
Solazyme Bets on Cosmetics Now, But Still Sees Biofuel Future 08/15/13 San Francisco
Cellana Cuts Algae Biofuel Deal with Finland Oil Giant 06/06/13 San Diego
Algae Harvesters, Online Market for Teachers Share CU Biz Plan Title 04/18/13 Boulder/Denver
Matrix Genetics Snags Investment from Avista for Algae Biofuel 08/29/12 Seattle
Separating Hype from Reality in Alternative Fuels: the Photo Gallery 05/20/11 Seattle
Electric Cars Won’t Take Over, Biofuels 3.0 Must Fix the Bugs, & Microorganisms as Problem-Solvers: Big Ideas from Cleantech Leaders 05/20/11 Seattle
Matrix Genetics Pursues the Algae Fuel Dream in the Lab, Not With Big Steel Tanks, Giant Ponds 05/12/11 Seattle
Solazyme Seeks $100M IPO to Build Up Renewable Biofuel Business 03/14/11 San Francisco
Q&A on Startups and Investing Strategy with Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s “State Angel” Arif Padaria 12/15/10 Boston
Bunge Joins Solazyme Round 08/26/10 San Francisco
San Diego, Pond Scum, and Crude Oil: Our Mayor Issues an Invitation to Sloganeers 07/21/10 San Diego
NextCAT Testing Biodiesel 04/01/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
West Wireless Names CEO, Amylin Pharmaceuticals Awaits FDA Deadline, Life Technologies In Cancer Research Partnership, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 03/11/10 San Diego
Scientists from Sapphire Energy, UCSD, Scripps, and Protelica Show Genetically Modified Algae Can Make Important Drugs 03/08/10 San Diego
WSU, Startups Get $2M Algae Grant 12/07/09 Seattle
A Sapphire Energy Co-Founder Sees Solutions in Algae for Drugs as Well as Biofuels 12/02/09 San Diego
Bionavitas, Blue Marble Cut Algae Deal 10/09/09 Seattle
Cell Therapeutics Nabs $30M, Rick Klausner on Vaccines, Targeted Growth Tinkers With Algae Genes, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 08/20/09 Seattle
Targeted Growth Tinkers with Genes to See If Algae Can Fulfill Biofuel Potential 08/14/09 Seattle
Targeted Growth Boosts Algae Yield 07/27/09 Seattle
R.W. Beck Aligns with SAIC, Blackbox Republic Gets Seeded, Bio Architecture Lab Raises Cash, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 07/21/09 Seattle
Insights into SAIC’s Acquisition of R.W. Beck for $155M—and Beck’s Strategy in Energy, Water 07/20/09 Seattle
Greenfuel Selling Off Assets 06/02/09 Boston
Dendreon’s Manufacturing Challenge, Archus Cuts Deep, Accelerator Company Launches & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 05/21/09 Seattle
GreenFuel Runs Out of Fuel, Shuts Down; Algae-to-Biofuel Technology for Sale 05/13/09 Boston
Sapphire Energy Hikes Green Crude Production Estimates 04/16/09 San Diego
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