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Synthetic Genomics’ “Breakthrough” Algae Produces Twice as Much Oil 06/19/17 San Diego
San Diego’s Sapphire Energy Names New CEO Amid Signs of Change 07/28/14 San Diego
San Diego’s Biotech Leaders of Tomorrow: ‘We Are the Wildcatters’ 02/27/13 San Diego
In San Diego Talk, Venter Says Biofuels ‘Dead’ Without Carbon Policy 11/01/12 San Diego
Sapphire Energy & Institute for Systems Biology Partner on Biofuels 11/01/12 San Diego
Sapphire Energy CEO Jason Pyle’s Parting Thoughts on Big Biofuel 04/23/12 San Diego
CEO Changes in Planned Succession at San Diego’s Sapphire Energy 04/19/12 San Diego
Xconomist of the Week: 5 Questions with Sapphire Energy CEO Jason Pyle 12/01/11 San Diego
Mellmo Expands, Larry Smarr Talks Health, & More San Diego BizTech News 11/28/11 San Diego
Qualcomm Buying Rapid Bridge Assets, Two Local Companies Get DOE Grants, Daily Deals Fuel Growth at Analog Analytics, & More San Diego BizTech News 06/13/11 San Diego
Sapphire Energy Anticipates “Significant” Revenue Stream From Monsanto Alliance 03/09/11 San Diego
No Time for Small Bets: The Decades-Long View of Sapphire Energy’s Jason Pyle 01/19/11 San Diego
Five Innovations to Look For in Algae Biofuels 01/14/11 San Diego
Federal Biofuel Awards Made for Green Refinery Projects in 15 States, Including Pilot Plants for Sapphire Energy, BioEnergy Intl. 12/04/09 San Diego
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