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Steve Jobs & the Power of Vision: My Visits to the ‘Reality Distortion Field’ 10/06/11 Seattle
Jeremy Jaech Leaves CEO Post at Seattle’s Verdiem 03/15/11 Seattle
Clay Christensen Speaks at Technology Alliance on Disruptive Innovations in Education, Health, VC 05/18/10 Seattle
How Can IT Tame the $2.5 Trillion Healthcare Beast? Xconomy Takes Close Look May 12 05/03/10 Seattle
What Do Techies Know About the Future of Healthcare? Find Out on May 12 04/28/10 Seattle
Verdiem, Cisco Team Up to Help Companies Lower Their Energy Bill for Networked Devices 04/27/10 Seattle
Seattle Tech Luminaries in the News: Redfin, Jeremy Jaech, and Kindle Vs. iPad 04/26/10 Seattle
Who Should Microsoft Acquire in Health IT? Who Is InnovateHealth? A Blog Sampler 04/07/10 Seattle
Verdiem Nabs $4.7M To Help Make Computers Use Less Energy 01/05/10 Seattle
Verdiem Reaches More Than a Million Desktops, Doubles Customers for Energy-Saving Software 08/05/09 Seattle
Doyenz Raises $1.5M in Cash 06/16/09 Seattle
Verdiem Releases Energy-Saving Software Stats from Seattle, Chicago, Honolulu 06/08/09 Seattle
Cozi Founder Talks About Dell Deal, a Great Mentor, and Why He Had to Start a Company 06/05/09 Seattle
The Rise of Seattle’s High-Tech Cluster, As Told By Madrona’s Tom Alberg (Part 1) 05/07/09 Seattle
Announcing Xconomy’s Forum on March 26: The Rise of Cleantech in the Northwest 02/17/09 Seattle
Tracing the Ancestry of Puget Sound’s Technology Cluster 01/22/09 Seattle
Verdiem’s New CEO, Jeremy Jaech, Sees Big Opportunity in IT Energy Savings 12/03/08 Seattle
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