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San Diego Life Sciences Roundup: Vical, Sequenom, Sophiris, and More 08/23/13 San Diego
Technology to Assess Neurons Gives New Life to San Diego’s Afraxis 08/19/13 San Diego
San Diego Life Sciences Roundup: Topera, Afraxis, Trovagene, & More 05/03/13 San Diego
Biotech VCs Aren’t Lemmings Anymore. They’re Lone Rangers 03/25/13 National
San Diego Life Sciences Roundup: Isis, Afraxis, Organovo, & More 01/31/13 San Diego
Genentech Acquires aFraxis for $187,500,000 01/31/13 San Diego
Afraxis Licenses its Drug Compounds to Roche Subsidiary Genentech 01/29/13 San Diego
San Diego Life Sciences Roundup: Isis, Elevation, Proacta, and More 01/06/12 San Diego
Elevation Partners Grabs $17M, NanoSort Wins Grants, NIH Collaborates with Afraxis on Rare Disease R&D, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 09/29/11 San Diego
San Diego’s Afraxis Gets NIH Support to Develop Compound for Rare Fragile X Syndrome 09/26/11 San Diego
Avalon Still Raising Capital After Landing $161M for Ninth Fund 09/30/10 San Diego
Boston’s Autism Mini-Cluster: New Drugs and Diagnostics Target Mysterious Brain Disorders 07/22/10 Boston
Halozyme Announces Recall, Pathway Genomics Halts Genetic Test Kit Rollout, Vertex Gets Ready for Hepatitis C Results, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 05/20/10 San Diego
aFraxis Lands $1,200,000 New Financing Round 05/16/10 San Diego
Afraxis Raises $1.2M in Venture Funding 05/14/10 San Diego
Avalon Ventures Begins Fund-Raising for Ninth Fund, Sets $150M Goal 05/03/10 San Diego
Avalon Stakes Claim as Survivor Among San Diego Biotech VCs 04/12/10 San Diego
Adventrx Pharmaceuticals Set Back by FDA, La Jolla Pharmaceutical Can’t Cure Shareholder Apathy, Regulus Signs Another Deal With Glaxo, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 03/04/10 San Diego
AFraxis CEO Outlines Biotech’s Success With Ultra-Lean Pre-Clinical R&D in Russia 02/26/10 San Diego
San Diego’s aFraxis Studies Drug Candidates to Treat Fragile X Syndrome 02/03/10 San Diego
Trius Approaches Next Stage in Drug Development, China Partnerships a Hot Topic at CalAsia, Lpath Headed to Critical Juncture, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 06/18/09 San Diego
Avalon’s aFraxis Raises $750K 06/10/09 San Diego
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