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After Rival Stumbles, Relypsa Gets $1.5B Buyout Bid From Galenica 07/21/16 San Francisco
Syndax Cuts Price But Bags $53M in Second IPO Try 03/02/16 Boston
As Rival Sputters, FibroGen Heads to Nasdaq Via $146M IPO 11/14/14 San Francisco
West Coast Biotech Roundup: Affymax, K2, Roche/Stratos, & More 06/26/14 San Francisco
Affymax Cuts 230 Jobs, Mulls Bankruptcy, After Drug Withdrawal 03/18/13 San Francisco
Has The Pendulum Swung Too Far in Favor of Rare Diseases? 03/14/13 Seattle
Some Bold Baseball and Biotech Picks for the 2013 Season 03/11/13 National
Affymax, Takeda Win Approval of Anemia Drug to Challenge Amgen 03/27/12 San Francisco
Some Tongue-in-Cheek Fantasy Baseball (and Biotech) Picks 03/26/12 National
Affymax Prepares to Mount Challenge to Amgen Anemia Drug Monopoly 01/25/12 San Francisco
Affymax Passes FDA Panel Scrutiny, Looks to Challenge Amgen Anemia Drug 12/07/11 San Francisco
Affymax Shares Climb As FDA Considers Wider Use for Anemia Drug 12/05/11 San Francisco
Affymax Gears Up for its Make-or-Break Moment, As Anemia Drug Faces FDA Scrutiny 11/17/11 San Francisco
FDA Says It Will Review Affymax Drug 07/27/11 San Francisco
SV Feels Lonely at the Top, Canaan Finds Biotech Groove, Portola Gets Drug Back, & More in Bay Area Life Sciences News 03/25/11 San Francisco
Affymax Raises $50M 03/18/11 San Francisco
E-Commerce Pioneer Sets Up Cancer Commons, Affymax Hires New Boss, Plexxikon Opts In, & More Bay Area Life Sciences News 01/07/11 San Francisco
Affymax Hires New CEO, Former Genentecher, to Complete FDA Push With Anemia Drug 01/06/11 San Francisco
Codexis Morphs From Big Science Project Into $100M Business 10/27/10 San Francisco
Edmund Shea Jr. Dies at 80 08/16/10 San Francisco
Affymax Isn’t Dead Yet, ZeaChem Pursues Wood Chip Ethanol, Third Rock Heads West, & More Bay Area Life Sciences News 08/13/10 San Francisco
Nuon Adds $10M Debt, Options 08/12/10 San Francisco
Affymax Lives to Fight Another Day, In Bid to Challenge Amgen’s Monopoly 08/09/10 San Francisco
Genentech’s Souped-Up Antibody, Reg Kelly’s Mission, LS9 Nears Moment of Truth & More Bay Area Life Sciences News 06/25/10 San Francisco
Affymax Tanks on Anemia Results 06/21/10 San Francisco
San Diego’s Palkion Chases Amgen’s Big Market, Joins Race to Develop Oral Anemia Drug 09/01/09 San Diego
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