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San Diego Life Sciences Roundup: Ambit, Lithera, Histogen, & More 03/14/13 San Diego
Martino Joins Ambit, Nordhoff Leaves Gen-Probe, Swarmology Raises $1.2M, and More San Diego Life Sciences News 11/17/11 San Diego
Adventrx Shares Plummet, Pfizer Adds UC San Diego to its Network, New RNAi Center Opens, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 08/11/11 San Diego
Adventrx Shares Plunge After FDA Nixes Revised Application for Anti-Cancer Drug 08/10/11 San Diego
Illumina Launches Desktop Gene Sequencer, Avalon Raises $200M for Ninth Fund, Quidel Offering Raises Capital for New Strategy, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 01/13/11 San Diego
Biogen Idec Closing San Diego Center, Cadence Wins FDA Approval, Adventrx Files New Drug Application, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 11/04/10 San Diego
Adventrx Submits NDA 11/03/10 San Diego
Adventrx Pharmaceuticals Set Back by FDA, La Jolla Pharmaceutical Can’t Cure Shareholder Apathy, Regulus Signs Another Deal With Glaxo, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 03/04/10 San Diego
FDA Refuses to Accept Adventrx Pharma’s New Drug Application 03/01/10 San Diego
VentiRx Pharmaceuticals Raises More Funds, Genzyme Declares a Truce, Adventrx Charts Comeback, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 01/14/10 San Diego
Biogen Idec CEO Stepping Down, Ambrx Focuses on Empowered Antibodies, Intellikine Testing First Drug Candidate, & More San Diego Life Sciences News 01/07/10 San Diego
Adventrx Asks FDA to Approve Its Formulation of Anti-Cancer Drug 01/04/10 San Diego
Adventrx Pharma Shutting Down 03/23/09 San Diego
Adventrx Pharmaceuticals Considers Selling Cancer Drugs 12/15/08 San Diego
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