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Entry Author Date Location
Amazon Acquiring Online Pharmacy PillPack, Eyes Prescription Drug Market 06/28/18 Boston
Reports: Walmart Wants to Buy PillPack, as Healthcare Ambitions Grow 04/03/18 Boston
Vectra Scores $36M for AI-Enhanced Cyberattack Detection 02/21/18 San Francisco
Europe’s New Data Privacy Rules Nourish U.S. Privacy Tech Sector 02/16/18 San Francisco
Fintech Startup Zebra Raises $40M, Seremedi, Alice & More Texas News 09/19/17 Texas
Heptio Pilots Businesses Toward Hybrid Cloud with $25M Investment 09/13/17 Seattle
Artale Forced Out of VC Firm Ignition Partners After Misconduct Complaints 07/12/17 Seattle
Boston’s PillPack Launches Software to Automate Prescription Process 06/15/17 Boston
Tact Secures $15,000,000 Series B Funding 12/13/16 San Francisco
Osmo Obtains $24,000,000 New Financing Round 12/09/16 San Francisco
Heptio Lands $8,500,000 New Round 11/18/16 Seattle
Zarget Garners $6,000,000 Series A Financing 11/03/16 San Diego
Freshdesk Receives $55,000,000 Series F Round 11/02/16 San Francisco
Paxata Secures $33,500,000 New Funding 10/25/16 San Francisco
Notion Emerges From Stealth with Smart E-Mail App, $9.5M in VC Bucks 10/20/16 Detroit Ann Arbor
OpenGamma Obtains $13,300,000 New Funding 10/06/16 New York
Gametime Garners $20,000,000 Series B Financing Round 09/22/16 San Francisco
Frame.io Secures $10,000,000 Series A Financing Round 09/15/16 New York
Mitra Biotech Garners $27,400,000 Series B Financing Round 08/31/16 Boston
SelfScore Lands $7,100,000 New Financing 08/25/16 San Francisco
Zenoti Receives $15,000,000 Series B Financing 08/12/16 Seattle
Acalvio Technologies Receives $17,000,000 Series A Financing Round 07/27/16 San Francisco
Sentry Receives $9,000,000 Series A Round 06/24/16 San Francisco
Narvar Obtains $22,000,000 Series B Financing 06/23/16 San Francisco
InVision Secures $55,000,000 Series D Financing Round 06/21/16 New York
Collective Lands $34,000,000 New Round 06/17/16 New York
Demisto Secures $6,000,000 Series A Funding Round 05/26/16 San Francisco
Zarget Receives $1,500,000 Seed Round 05/11/16 San Diego
Weaveworks Obtains $15,000,000 Series B Financing Round 05/11/16 San Francisco
E8 Storage Obtains $12,000,000 Series B Funding Round 05/11/16 San Francisco
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