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Entry Author Date Location
Ghostruck Fined by Washington Regulator for Operating Without Permit 06/02/17 Seattle
Seattle Week in Review: To Asia via Puyallup, Space via Kent 03/11/16 National
Accelerator 9Mile Labs Evolves Model for Investing in Startups 03/10/16 Seattle
Seattle Week in Review: Tradeoffs in Wi-Fi, Solar, Self-driving Cars 02/26/16 Seattle
9Mile Labs Startups Tackle Out-Dated Business Processes 05/14/15 Seattle
Seattle Roundup: Blab, Amptab, Icbrg.io, Dropbox, Alibaba, 9Mile, Fledge 12/05/14 Seattle
Seattle Roundup: Pro.com, Array Health, Ghostruck, DocuSign, & More 09/26/14 Seattle
Seattle Roundup: Zillow+Trulia, Pacific Crest, Anomo, Comr.se, & More 07/25/14 Seattle
Roundup: InDemand Interpreting, Cozi, Ada Developers, Accelerators & More 06/06/14 Seattle
UP Global Hires Enrique Godreau III For Its New York Expansion 05/28/14 New York
New Ignition Partners Happy Betting on Business Computing Renaissance 04/23/14 Seattle
PARC Partners With Seattle B2B Startup Accelerator 9Mile Labs 04/02/14 Seattle
Accelerator 9Mile Labs Raises Fund to Back Next Class at $35k Each 11/04/13 Seattle
Roundup: WhitePages, Contour, 9Mile Labs, Blue Rooster, Dwellable 10/23/13 Seattle
Seattle Roundup: Nuance+Varolii, Amazon+TenMarks, Funding for Comr.se 10/11/13 Seattle
9Mile Labs: First Demo Day and Research on Accelerator Effectiveness 09/10/13 Seattle
AeroMetric Wireless Receives $20,000 Seed Funding Round 03/19/13 Seattle
Ombitron Secures $20,000 Seed Financing Round 03/19/13 Seattle
MeritShare Lands $20,000 Seed Financing 03/19/13 Seattle
GIVINGtrax Garners $20,000 Seed Funding 03/19/13 Seattle
CadenceMD Secures $20,000 Seed Financing 03/19/13 Seattle
Comr.se Receives $20,000 Seed Financing 03/19/13 Seattle
SpinRiot Garners $20,000 Seed Funding Round 03/19/13 Seattle
Appuri Garners $20,000 Seed Round 03/19/13 Seattle
AMP Tablet Solutions Lands $20,000 Seed Round 03/19/13 Seattle
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