Time to Ease On Down the Road


Xconomy Seattle — 

It’s been a real pleasure writing my guest op-ed pieces for Xconomy for the past six years. I’ve enjoyed sharing my thoughts about a wide spectrum of biopharma topics, and appreciated the feedback I received whether you agreed with my views or not. However, it’s time for me to move on. I’ve already started posting articles on my new blog, BioPharma Observer. This change will enable me to try out some new approaches and formats that will not easily fit into more traditional online or print media. Those of you who are interested in reading my pieces can find them on my website or follow me on Twitter @lymanbiopharma. I’ll be sending out Tweets whenever something new is posted.

I’d like to thank Ben Fidler for all of his editorial assistance, Alex Lash for his encouragement, and Luke Timmerman for his help in getting me started down this path in the first place. This is a very exciting time in biopharma. The scientific underpinnings of the industry are advancing rapidly, and the combined efforts of a very large number of smart people will undoubtedly lead to future successes in the clinic. The scientific, political, and financial challenges ahead are many, but I am very optimistic that our future healthcare needs will be met by an ever-widening net of progress and availability.

Stewart Lyman is Owner and Manager of Lyman BioPharma Consulting LLC in Seattle. He provides strategic advice to clients on their research programs, collaboration management issues, as well as preclinical data reviews. Follow @

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