Join Us Friday at Seattle 2035 to Talk About the Future

Seattle 2035, Xconomy’s exploration of the Seattle area’s long-term future, kicks off tomorrow morning at Northeastern University’s South Lake Union campus.

There’s still time to grab a ticket to this day-long conversation with the leading innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and investors building the technologies and businesses that could become pillars of our region’s innovation economy in the years ahead.

We’ll dive deep into topics including machine learning and artificial intelligence with Oren Etzioni of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and Eric Horvitz of Microsoft Research, as well as leaders of companies like Textio, Socrata, and Boeing, who are putting these technologies in practice today.

We’ll head into space with entrepreneurs building companies to deploy and communicate with satellites—Jason Andrews of Spaceflight and Nathan Kundtz of Kymeta—and mine asteroids—Joe Landon of Planetary Resources.

We’ll explore the future of cities from several perspectives, including a vision of how the built environment can be a way toward social justice, cultural enrichment, and environmental restoration with Amanda Sturgeon of the International Living Future Institute.

Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman will also touch on these themes in his keynote talk on creating a livable Seattle for all.

Leroy Hood will talk about his new company, Arivale, pioneering the new field of “scientific wellness.”

Virtual reality is about to have its breakout moment, and we’ll talk with entrepreneurs and investors who believe Seattle has all the ingredients to be a leader in this transformative technology. Come hear from Bob Berry of Envelop VR, which just announced a $4 million investment led by Madrona Venture Group—its first bet on that technology.

And speaking of Madrona and long-term bets, the 20-year-old venture firm’s co-founder, Tom Alberg, will reflect on the history and future of our innovation economy in a closing conversation with Technology Alliance executive director Susannah Malarkey.

That’s just a sample of what we’ve got in store for Friday. Check out our full agenda and register to attend. We have a variety of options, including morning- and afternoon-only tickets, as well as discounts for students and startups.

See you in the future!

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