Back to the Future of Innovation: Seattle 2035 Coming Oct. 30

Xconomy Seattle — 

Back to the Future II, released in 1989, sent Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown to Oct. 21, 2015—which happens to be today. On Oct. 30, Xconomy is setting its DeLorean time machine for the year 2035 to explore the future of Seattle’s innovation economy. Hop in.

The Internet is abuzz with Back to the Future Day. Dozens of stories are comparing the imagined 2015 with our reality today. One of the better ones, from the BBC, notes the absence of flying cars, widespread use of waste-to-energy systems for vehicle fueling, and hoverboards—other than very fancy ones from Lexus.

But other trappings of the future as imagined in 1989 by writer and director Robert Zemeckis have come (or are coming) to pass: wearable technology; news drones; ubiquitous, interactive flat screens and video calling; virtual reality headsets; and the connected kitchen.

On Oct. 30, we’ll imagine another future with a great group of Seattle innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and investors who are building technologies and industries that could underpin our innovation economy in the decades to come.

At Seattle 2035, we’ll be covering topics including artificial intelligence, commercial space exploration and entrepreneurship, virtual reality, scientific wellness, and, of course, the core IT strengths that put Seattle on the tech map in the first place.

We’ll also take a look at factors that will influence livability, equity, and accessibility in Seattle and other growing cities.

Check out our speaker lineup and agenda, and register now for the best price on remaining tickets to join this discussion. We also have a special deal for startup companies willing to make a bold prediction about the future of their industry.

See you in the future!

(Photo of DeLorean by Terabass via Wikimedia. Seattle photo by Phil Price via Flickr.)