Biopharmaceutical Haiku, Round Two


Xconomy Seattle — 

Ebola doctors

Heroic efforts admired

Angels of mercy!


Genome sequencing

Compare normal with patient

Secrets revealed


Next-gen sequencing

One big issue still out there



Republicans rule

Eye Affordable Care Act

Newly covered screwed?


2.3 percent

Medical devices tax

Soon to disappear?


Advertised widely

Personalized medicine

More substance, less hype


Sovaldi pricing

Gilead raked over coals

Stock climbed; profits soared


Drug pricing pushback

Express Scripts draws line in sand

Game-changing response


Tax inversions slow

AbbVie rejects Irish move

Shire pockets big bucks


Surrogate markers

Big focus in the clinic

Numbers meaningful?


Dendreon bankrupt

Valeant bought its assets

Will Provenge survive?


Dissed for many years

Immunotherapy hailed!

How much will it cost?


Big patent battle

Immunotherapy field

Settlement was reached


Brain tumor patients

Want to die on your own terms?

Move to Oregon


More vaccines needed

Chikungunya virus spreads

Now in the U.S.



Embroiled in naming debate

Lawyers pockets filled


Question for the Court

Off-label drug promotion

Selling or free speech?


Venture capital

Spending like drunken sailors

Hope they chose wisely


Drug prices soaring

Charging what market will bear

No link to “value”


Who is disliked more?

Insurance firms, Big Pharma?

Brought this on themselves


Big Data love-fest

Nuggets buried within it

Mining will be tough


Watson fights cancer

Bested all on Jeopardy

New task much harder


Cancer drug pricing

Forcing docs to hospitals

Effect on patients?


Amgen Seattle

Closed by the lords in T.O.

Job cuts raise stock price


Helix campus fate?

Expedia’s new HQ

Selling trips, not drugs


Processed foods harmful

Obesity crisis cause?

Sugar, fat, and salt


GSK China

Big fines paid for bribery

Which country is next?



Inhibiting this target

Drops cholesterol


The debate rages on

Big Pharma “innovation”

Discover or buy?


Healthcare system flawed

Changes would cut players income

Lobbyists block change


Remicade challenged

Biosimilar sales soar!

Low price in Norway


Obesity rising

Followed by diabetes

Huge healthcare problem


STEM education

More science in the classroom

Not Kardashians


World’s richest nation

Our health care stats more third world

Past time to fix this


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Stewart Lyman is Owner and Manager of Lyman BioPharma Consulting LLC in Seattle. He provides strategic advice to clients on their research programs, collaboration management issues, as well as preclinical data reviews. Follow @

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