Just 7 Tickets Left for Our What’s Hot in Cancer Event April 22

Xconomy Seattle — 

We are down to the wire for Tuesday’s (April 22) What’s Hot in Cancer Immunotherapy event. The star-studded lineup features leading executives, scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors—from Seattle and beyond, and from both biotechs and pharma. They all convene starting at 2:45 pm tomorrow, Tuesday, April 22, at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

It is shaping up as one of Seattle’s most illuminating and important life sciences events of the year.

The event was organized by former Xconomy National Biotech Editor Luke Timmerman, who will be on hand to emcee the show. The afternoon promises to be insightful and fast-moving—the three-hour program ends at 5:45 pm, with plenty of time for networking afterward.

There are just seven tickets left as of Monday morning, so grab them fast and find more details here.

Here are the speakers once again:

Hans Bishop, CEO, Juno Therapeutics

Teresa Foy, CSO, Oncofactor Corporation

Mitch Gold, Executive Chairman, Alpine BioSciences

Rob Hershberg, CEO, VentiRx Pharmaceuticals

Deborah Law, VP, Biologics Discovery, Merck

Ira Mellman, VP, Cancer Immunology, Genentech

Robert Nelsen, Managing Director, Arch Venture Partners

Martin Oft, VP, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs, ARMO BioSciences

Stan Riddell, Researcher, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Chad Robins, CEO, Adaptive Biotechnologies

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2 responses to “Just 7 Tickets Left for Our What’s Hot in Cancer Event April 22”

  1. Ryan Larson says:

    Any chance for web stream, teleconference, or other remote viewing options?

  2. JepH says:

    HA! 7 tickets left but really they massively oversold and had to turn dozens away at the door. Booo Xconomy!