Discount Ends Today: Big Insight—Making Sense of Big Data in Seattle

Seattle seems to be adding to its big data assets by the day. Today, it’s a $37.8 million grant to the University of Washington and two other elite institutions to strengthen data-driven science.

This effort and others like it promise to help attract and train the sought-after data scientists driving the next generation of discovery and technology innovation. The place to learn more is next week’s Xconomy Forum: Big Insight—Making Sense of Big Data in Seattle.

Discounted tickets for the Nov. 19 event are only available through midnight tonight.

Join us at 415 Westlake for an afternoon of interactive conversation with:

  • eight local big data startup CEOs;
  • venture capital investors who are making bets in this space;
  • keynote talks from Jeremy Jaech, CEO of SNUPI Technologies; Stan Humphries, chief economist of Zillow; and Oren Etzioni, executive director of the new Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (another recent addition to Seattle’s big data portfolio);
  • and researchers and educators including Ed Lazowska of the University of Washington, Joe Hellerstein of Google, Roger Barga of Microsoft Research, and Bill Pike of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, who are helping shape the future of data-driven science.

More details and the full agenda are available here.

We invite you to join this conversation about the future of a broad technology area touching nearly every field of human endeavor.

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