Agenda: Big Insight—Making Sense of Big Data in Seattle on Nov. 19

From the latest on in-home sensors to next-generation big data platforms to Internet-scale data-centric applications to the future of artificial intelligence, we’ve got the data-to-insight pipeline covered at Xconomy’s Nov. 19 forum, Big Insight—Making Sense of Big Data in Seattle.

The full agenda for this half-day event is locked in and now available here. You can still grab discounted tickets until Tuesday, Nov. 12, at our registration page.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve highlighted some of the individual contributors to this program, including our keynote speakers Jeremy Jaech, CEO of SNUPI Technologies, Stan Humphries, Zillow’s chief economist, and Oren Etzioni, executive director of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and there’s more to come on that front in coming days.

But I’m also really excited about the breadth of big data/big insight topics we’ll be covering, including data management, analysis, and visualization platforms and tools that promise to bring these capabilities to a larger audience; data-centric applications that challenge us to use our imaginations as much as our technologies; and data-driven science, joining computational science as an arrow in the quiver for researchers, complementing the older methods of theory, experiment, and observation.

Bring your big Data.

Bring your big Data questions.

I expect to come away from this event with a much better understanding of the technology, business, and scientific trends that Seattle is driving to become a leading center of innovation in this space.

And if you’re looking to recruit people to work for your big data company, or find a job at one, we’ve built in lots of networking time during and after the event to carry on the conversations that begin on stage.

Check out the agenda and join us 10 days from now at 415 Westlake in Seattle.

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