See You Tonight at ‘The Icos Impact’

Xconomy Seattle — 

The big event in Seattle biotech is on for tonight.

We’re expecting more than 190 people tonight to come together for “The Icos Impact.” This is all for a special gathering of some of the smart and driven people who made a mark at Icos in the 1990s and early 2000s, and have since moved on to many fascinating new things in Seattle biotech.

Here’s what you can expect. We will have visual displays of artwork that hung in the company lobby, various swag items, and a few tie-dyed T-shirts from some Deadheads in protein sciences. We’ll start the program with some brief welcoming remarks, and I’ll walk through a quick timeline of key events in Icos history. This will be followed by a 15-minute chat with Cliff Stocks, Patrick Gray, Gary Wilcox, and Mike Gallatin about what made Icos such a special place. Then we’ll hear from a series of Icos veterans who will share a favorite anecdote/story from their time at the company in three minutes or less. Susan Sullivan, Stephanie Florio, Johnny Stine, Albert Yu, and Mila Lobanova will do the honors. And then, I think it’s safe to say, everyone will make a beeline for the bar.

The festivities get started with registration and networking at 5 pm. The program starts at 6 pm, and will run to 6:35 pm. We can all hang around the Institute for Systems Biology until 8 pm or so, and by then I wouldn’t be surprised if some folks head over to some local watering holes to carry on the conversations. See you all there tonight at the ISB, at 410 Terry Avenue North.