The Icos Impact: What to Expect Next Week

Xconomy Seattle — 

We’re one week away from our next big life sciences gathering in Seattle, called “The Icos Impact.” We’re expecting more than 150 people at this event who either worked at this important local biotech company or crossed paths with many of the smart and hard-working people who worked there in the ‘90s and 2000s.

As part of my event prep, I’ve been digging through old photos and scooping up memorabilia. Thanks to Tom St. John, the longtime vice president of clinical development at Icos, we’ll have a Cialis tote bag, Icos coffee mugs, pens, and a great all-company photo on display. St. John is also sharing a trio of beautiful paintings that depict cells and blood vessels, which used to hang in the lobby at Icos headquarters in Bothell.

My goal with the program is to keep it fun, and brief. That way, everybody who comes has plenty of time for re-connecting with old friends, and finding out what’s new. Here’s the agenda for next Tuesday, Nov. 27, at the Institute for Systems Biology, 401 Terry Avenue North.

5 pm: Registration/Networking.

6 pm: Welcoming Remarks from ISB president Lee Hood and Xconomy biotech editor Luke Timmerman

6:05 pm Opening keynote chat. What made Icos special? (15 minutes)

Cliff Stocks, CEO, Theraclone Sciences

Patrick Gray, scientific fellow, Omeros

Mike Gallatin, venture partner, Frazier Healthcare Ventures

Gary Wilcox, CEO, Cocrystal Discovery

Luke Timmerman (moderator)

6:20 pm Remembrances (3 minutes each)

Susan Sullivan, vice president of product management, CMC Biologics

Stephanie Florio, scientist, Infectious Disease Research Institute

Johnny Stine, founder, North Coast Biologics

Albert Yu, vice president of clinical development, Omeros

Mila Lobanova, vice president of finance/operations, Blaze Bioscience

6:35 pm Networking Reception

8 pm End

There’s still some room at the Institute for Systems Biology, but space is limited, so it would be a good idea to register by next Monday, Nov. 26, at the latest. See you there for “The Icos Impact” next week.