Reinventing Biotech’s Business Model: The Photo Gallery

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Reinventing Biotech’s Business Model — Steve Tregay of Forma Therapeutics described how he scraped together some venture capital, bought some cheap used equipment, and managed to build one of the most prolific drug discovery shops in the pharma industry, when so many other companies are avoiding investments in infrastructure. He’s done it on just $33 million in venture capital, and a lot more from its network of drug company partners.
Photo by Curt Woodward
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3 responses to “Reinventing Biotech’s Business Model: The Photo Gallery”

  1. R. Jones says:

    When you talk about having enough former company T-shirts to build a quilt, you are really talking about enough soul crushing layoffs to kill ones desire to continue pursuing a career in this industry. We’re talking about a huge quilt that represents the loss of billions of dollars.

  2. R. Jones says:

    Quip: a witty or funny observation or response usually made on the spur of the moment.