Tableau Software to Add 300 to Staff After Near-Double Sales Growth

Tableau Software, the Seattle-based data visualization company that started as a Stanford University spinoff, says it plans to hire some 300 employees this year after ending 2011 with nearly double revenue growth.

The company, which views itself as “a future IPO prospect,” says its hiring plans include an expansion of its San Francisco Bay Area office to a location in Menlo Park, CA that can house 60 employees. Tableau also has offices in Kirkland, WA and London.

Tableau’s software helps businesses analyze data in charts, graphics, and other visual displays. It also has a free version of the software that is available to the public, which has been used by news organizations in big demographics projects.

Tableau had big staff growth in 2011, adding more than 160 workers to bring its total to about 350. It also recently reported 2011 revenue growth of 94 percent, which would give it yearly sales of about $66 million, based on the 2010 revenue figure cited in the Inc. 5000 entry about the company.

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