Twitter Acquires Vancouver’s Summify

Pulling signal out of the noise is getting much more important. And the folks at Twitter are getting some help sorting through the flood of daily updates by buying Summify, a Vancouver, B.C.-based startup that counts RealNetworks founder Rob Glaser among its investors.

Summify analyzes a user’s media feeds, including social media and news syndication, to deliver a digest of top stories. But unlike a straight-up news reader, Summify uses algorithms to determine which stories are being passed around and talked about by the people a user interacts with.

There’s no word of the price Twitter paid for the service, just as the seed round from last spring didn’t have a price tag—and I couldn’t find an SEC filing for the company, either. Summify does say that it will be shutting down the service and relocating to San Francisco.

The company was started by a pair of Romanian former interns for Google and Microsoft, and is a product of Vancouver startup incubator Bootup Labs (which is apparently “defunct,” according to TechVibes).

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