Xeround Gets $9M for New Cloud Mission, at New HQ

Cloud-computing startup Xeround, which previously focused on helping telecom companies manage big databases, has raised a $9 million Series C round from its existing investors to bankroll an entirely new mission: database services on public cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services or Rackspace.

Xeround also has a new headquarters, in Mountain View, CA. The company previously was based in Bellevue, WA—also the home of two of its investors, Ignition Partners and Trilogy Partnership, the venture capital firm of wireless industry veteran John Stanton. (Hat tip to John Cook at GeekWire for noticing the change of location.) Other investors include Benchmark Capital and Giza Venture Capital.

The overall change in Xeround’s business dates back “less than two years ago,” according to a post on the company’s blog about today’s fundraising announcement:

“We made the decision to focus our offering on the public cloud—and to repackage our telco-grade, highly available and scalable database for cloud users out there. While this financing round is the third in the history of the company, it is the first one under Xeround’s new mandate, supporting our cloud database offering—which makes it all the more important for us.”

In an email, Ignition partner and Xeround board member Adrian Smith says the change in location to Silicon Valley was tied to Xeround’s change in business models.

The company’s CEO is now Razi Sharir, who joined the company in February 2010, according to LinkedIn. Xeround’s previous CEO, Charlotte Yarkoni, is now operations chief at EMC/VMWare’s Mozy data backup service. The company, which has its roots in Israel, still has a developer office there.

Xeround last surfaced on our fundraising radar in 2008, when it hauled in a $16 million Series B from the previously mentioned investors.

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