See You Tonight at “The Immunex Impact”

Xconomy Seattle — 

We’re gathering our things to head over to the Institute for Systems Biology to get ready for this evening’s big event, “The Immunex Impact.” We are sold out now, having registered 244 people, so this undoubtedly is going to be one of the biggest networking events of the year in Seattle biotech.

Those of you who like to Tweet, or follow the real-time highlights on Twitter, check out the searchable hash tag #ImmunexSEA. We have an ensemble cast of speakers lined up, a cool memorabilia display, and a soundtrack provided by the Immunex house band. A special prize will also go out to the winner of the Immunex trivia quiz published here a couple weeks ago.

Registration and networking starts at 5 pm. The program starts at 6 pm, and I’ll work to keep things short and sweet so there’s plenty of time for catching up with old friends. See you there tonight at the Institute for Systems Biology, at 410 Terry Avenue North.