The Immunex Impact: A Trivia Quiz

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B. 2,200

C. 1,700

D. 1,600

10. Who said the following in a 2001 Seattle Times story about Immunex’s 20th anniversary: “When it came to marketing, we didn’t know anything.”

A. Steve Duzan

B. Chris Henney

C. Ed Fritzky

D. Peggy Phillips

11. Who made the following comment in that same 2001 Seattle Times story: “Drug companies are only as good as their next product. Enbrel is a big deal, no question, but it’s very important that Immunex be able to point to its pipeline and say, ‘Here’s our next home run or triple.’ You can’t get by on singles.”

A. Steve Gillis

B. Doug Williams

C. Bruce Carter

D. George Rathmann

12. Which scientist made the following comment in the 2001 Times story: “I’m not really sure when the connection hit on Immunex becoming a business.”

A. Craig Smith

B. Dave Cosman

C. Linda Park

D. Dave Urdal

13. Amgen agreed to pay $16 billion in cash and stock to buy Immunex in December 2001. But the stock prices of the companies fell in 2002, bringing the price down when the deal closed seven months later in July. What was the final value?

A. $14 billion

B. $8 billion

C. $12 billion

D. $10 billion

14. Three of the following venture capital firms invested in Immunex prior to its 1983 initial public offering. Which one DIDN’T?

A. Cable, Howse & Cozadd

B. The Mayfield Fund

C. US Venture Partners

D. New Enterprise Associates

15. How old was Steve Gillis when he co-founded in 1981 with Chris Henney?

A. 25

B. 35

C. 28

D. 40

16. Immunex was briefly worth more than which iconic company of the Northwest?

A. Boeing

B. Microsoft

C. Amazon

17. What was the name of the 17-year-old girl with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis who took Enbrel, and responded so well that she threw out the first pitch in a Mariners game at Safeco Field?

A. Jill Harrison

B. Katie Emmerson

C. Rebecca Ford

D. Tina Underwood

18. Which employee had the single longest tenure at Immunex?

A. Dave Cosman

B. Susan Erb

C. Beth Fortmueller

D. Carl March

19. A famous sign once hung over a doorway that employees used on their way to work at Immunex. What did it say?

A. “Through these doors pass the best in the business – Immunex employees.”

B. “Immunex: We are a great company, and aim to be a greater company.”

C. “Immunex: Transforming the promise of biotechnology into therapies that restore health and save lives.”

D “If you want a parking space with your name on it, turn around and leave. If you want to do great science, come on in.”

20. What kind of business did Steve Duzan own when he was tapped to be Immunex’s first CEO?

A. Lumber company

B. Ice-making equipment maker

C. Beer distributor

D. Lab supplies

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