Video: What is Cloud Computing, Anyway? These Kids Get Pretty Close

The Seattle area is an undeniable leader in the rapidly growing cloud-computing sector, from tech mega-companies like Microsoft and Amazon, to local branches like the expanding EMC Isilon division, and active investors.

We know it’s big. We know it’s important. We know it will change the way things are done. But if you’re not an insider, conversing with cloud experts can leave your head reeling with references to platforms-as-a-service, Hadoop, CouchDB, virtualization, spot instances, noSQL, and so on.

There’s apparently no shortage of bluster within the industry, either. As Scott Sanchez, who works for OpenStack, tweeted on his personal account:

So, for those non-experts out there who have been pretending to know more than you do, please take heart in this awesome video from the folks at tech consulting firm Avanade. During a recent kids-at-work day, they decided to have a little fun and ask the office youngsters what they thought of this critical new trend in business.

(For the record, I’m with Sophia, who breaks it down as simply “technology in the sky.”)

Oh, and talent recruiters should keep their eye on the last kid, in the (very) junior executive outfit. I see a CEO in the making.

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