Seattle: Coffee Town with a Software Problem

Are you a highly educated, salmon-eating, coffee-swilling tech worker who likes soccer? Congratulations! You fit pretty easily into the profile of a Seattle consumer, as detailed by this infographic from Zaarly.

The startup, which lets people crowdsource their needs by putting a price on specific goods or services, is based in San Francisco and Kansas City but has strong Seattle ties—it was hatched at a Startup Weekend, and co-founder Eric Koester splits his time between the Emerald City and the “other” Washington.

The piece contains some familiar chestnuts, like our degree of over-caffeination. Ten times more coffee shops per 100,000 residents than the national average? After a recent trip to Boston, where I was constantly hunting for a non-Dunkin’ Donuts fix, I’d say that’s probably about right. (Seriously, how do people function?)

But there’s also some stuff you might not have known, such as the still-dominant footprint of the aerospace industry in a post-manufacturing economy. Yep, even with Microsoft and Amazon, Boeing is still easily the state’s largest private employer.

One thing I’ll take issue with is the image of the lady carrying the umbrella. Everyone knows that, from September to mid-June, real Seattleites just pull up the hood on their North Face jacket and keep it moving.

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