Amazon Tablet Tracker: A Timeline of Leaks, Reports, and Non-Denials (NASDAQ: AMZN) is notoriously tight-lipped about the details of its day-to-day business, telling the press and analysts only what it wants them to know. Ever try to find out how many books they’re selling? How quickly certain types of merchandise is moving? Tough luck.

But when it comes to the Seattle e-commerce pioneer’s ambitions to enter the tablet computer market, there’s plenty of chit-chat.

Most of it has leaked out around the edges, although CEO and founder Jeff Bezos definitely added fuel to the fire when, in a rare interview, he told Consumer Reports to “stay tuned” for news about a tablet, and went on to talk about how any such device would be different from the Kindle e-reader.

There’s been more—lots more. To keep track of it all, I’ve used Storify to build this timeline of significant reports about Amazon’s plans for a new tablet device. If the tablet debuts sometime soon, as expected, it will give Amazon time to sell it hard this Christmas shopping season.

I’ll add more stories as they emerge, right up until we see the little guys roaming in the wild. And please let me know if I missed any big entries (there’s a curious lull between Sept. 2010 and this February, for instance.)

You can also find the timeline over at the main Storify site.

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