Hark’s New “Curated Collection”

Seattle’s Hark, an entertainment website that lets users search, play and share audio snippets from movies, TV shows and other pop culture sources, is showing off a new design for its top-tier content. The new approach includes an upgraded display with an easier way to sift through quotes from a particular source, and more prominent buttons for using social channels like Twitter and Google +1.
The look is somewhat similar to YouTube’s, with options for additional plays in a ribbon across the bottom of the screen. Hark CEO David Aronchick says the new “Curated Collection” is in a beta mode right now, testing with the classic film version of “Glengarry Glen Ross,” before rolling out to other offerings.
As we detailed last month, Hark is among the Seattle startups that are trying to build bridges to the entertainment industry, capitalizing on the Seattle area’s strengths to help Hollywood embrace the digital age.

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