Sir Mix-A-Lot, Giant Thinkwell to Posse Up

Seattle social-game startup Giant Thinkwell, a TechStars company hatched at a Startup Weekend last year, is getting ready to roll out its first official celebrity-branded game, featuring Seattle hip-hop legend Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Word comes via Twitter, where folks are passing around an invite by Giant Thinkwell to help build social-media buzz for the game, called “Mix-N-Match with Sir Mix-A-Lot.”

We’ll have to wait until June 21 to see what the product looks like, but the prizes are said to include something that should bring a smile to northwesterners of a certain age: A ride down Broadway in Mix-A-Lot’s Lamborghini.

You see, long before he was a household name for the goofy club hit “Baby Got Back,” Mix-A-Lot made an early name with such classics as “Posse on Broadway,” which name-drops crucial Seattle landmarks like Dick’s Drive-In.

As we detailed last month, Giant Thinkwell is among the growing group of Seattle companies that are building bridges to the entertainment industry with the technology and gaming know-how concentrated in the Puget Sound region.

Giant Thinkwell’s original Startup Weekend pitch revolved around John Stamos’ “Uncle Jesse” character from the TV show “Full House,” but a deal couldn’t be struck with Stamos. It sounds like Sir Mix-A-Lot found the whole idea to be swass.

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3 responses to “Sir Mix-A-Lot, Giant Thinkwell to Posse Up”

  1. Adam says:

    Want to get yo’ butt in Giant Thinkwell’s virtual war room? We’ve got some great “Sir” prizes for a few friends who help us spread the word. Check it here:

  2. Rogan says:

    Classic tune. He rolls right by Garfield too….