ShipSweet is Now EquaShip

The Seattle package-shipping startup previously known as ShipSweet has changed its name to EquaShip, and is emerging from stealth mode today as it heads for a summer launch. The company is headed by serial entrepreneur Ron Wiener, also of Venture Mechanics. The idea behind EquaShip is to give small- and medium-sized businesses much better deals on their shipping costs by aggregating those packages together. Wiener says EquaShip will be able to deliver prices that are 10 percent to 30 percent better than UPS or FedEx, primarily because those mega-carriers give their best discounts to companies that ship big volumes. EquaShip also says it’s working on a national network of retail dropoff locations, which sounds like it would dramatically help in establishing a footprint.

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One response to “ShipSweet is Now EquaShip”

  1. Bill Johnson says:

    Same losers who wasted investor money and blew the reputation of Seattle VCs, as we saw at earthclassmail.

    Can’t believe there are more investors willing to back this con artist.