Mpire Now AdXpose, Raises $3M

Seattle-based advertising company Mpire has a three-fer today: It’s raised another $3 million, named a new CEO, and is making the switch to its AdXpose platform very official by changing the name of the company. Mpire—now known just as AdXpose—told Xconomy about a year ago that it was ditching its previous Widgetbucks advertising network to focus on the AdXpose technology, which is dedicated to “optimizing” ad spending online. Basically, that means making ad campaigns perform more effectively, while protecting brands from fraud and from appearing next to inappropriate content such as porn. ApXpose says the $3 million financing, led by existing investor Draper Fisher Jurvetson, will help it add staff and open more offices. Presiding over that growth will be Kirby Winfield, who now serves as CEO. Winfield previously was the company’s president and chief revenue officer.

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