Meet Xconomy’s New Social Media Marketing Intern, Omri Mor

We have another new member of the team at Xconomy Seattle that I’m happy to introduce.

Starting today, Omri Mor is the new social media marketing intern at Xconomy. Omri is a junior at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business, where he is part of the prestigious Lavin Entrepreneurial Program. He comes to us after a 9-month contract stint doing social media work for Microsoft.

Omri’s role, as I described it in a job posting back in mid-February, is to “add some electricity to the marketing side of the house.” What that means is he will help spread the word on Facebook and Twitter about Xconomy’s journalism and events here in Seattle as well as across our national network of sites in five—soon to be six—innovation hubs around the U.S.

He’s already fast at work on a number of things, and I’m frankly trying to sponge up as much of his wisdom as I can. If you, as an Xconomy reader, have some tips on how he can help raise our game on these social media platforms, I’m sure he’d love to hear your input. You can reach him at his Facebook page, on LinkedIn, and via his new email account, [email protected]

Welcome, Omri!

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