A New Dawn for Solar Energy: UW Event

Meeting the demand for clean, low-cost energy in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way is one of the defining issues of our time. Solar power can be a big part of the solution; however, ensuring it is affordable and scalable requires significant scientific and engineering breakthroughs.

Ana Mari Cauce, dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, and Matt O’Donnell, Frank & Julie Jungers dean of the College of Engineering, will be the featured speakers at this event. It will be followed by a panel discussion that includes Rick LeFaivre of OVP Venture Partners, Susannah Malarkey of the Technology Alliance, Lisa Graumlich, dean of the College of the Environment, Jack Faris of the Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute, and Denis Hayes of the Bullitt Foundation. The event is sold out, although it will be accessible via webcast. For more information, click here.